1 . Place LCD Screens Face to Face.
Every pair of screens should be packages face to face in order to save space and protect the digitizers.

2 . Screen Pairs Back to Back.
After screens are paired face to face, arrange each pair of screens back to back as shown.

3 . Stack Screens in Sets of 10.
Package 5 pair of screens together to make a bundle of 10. These screens should be set face to face and back to back in a set of 10 at most. Packing bundles of more than 10 increase risk of damage to the digitizer durning shipping.

4 . Secure screens in bubble wrap.
Secure each batch of 10 screens in bubble wrap or other soft, protective wrap to minimize the risk of damage durning shipping.

5 . Pack the shipping box
Take care to fill all space between each batch of screens with packing peanuts.

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